How Does It All Work?



How Does It All Work?

The products we provide are specialist, fully branded Guides and support materials to buying or selling property.

1. “The Guide to Buying & Selling a Property” includes all the knowledge and materials that we have gained working with brokers and REALTORS®. It has been written by our editorial team, and is a concise and informative guide for your clients, and a first class promotional tool for you.

Our products help buyers and sellers optimise the whole experience providing essential support during those stressful times.

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The Realtor Magazine

2. The “Realtor Magazine” is created for the high-end property buyer and seller. It has articles relating to the community of property being sold and gives great advice on the lifestyle of the area your clients will enjoy. A beautifully designed luxury publication; this will be a favourite with all Realtors who want to give their clients a distinctive branded product that is not only interesting but also informative and engaging.

The Realtor Map Guide

3. The “Realtor Map Guide” is a give-away guide for your marketing area and has been designed to help your clients get to know the community and provide information about this chosen area. It is a great product for your new buyer. This marketing tool is fully branded to help your process along. It’s a professional and usable item for your valued clients.

These products are a commitment from the Owner/Brokers, but we also want by the Associate Brokers and Realtors themselves to benefit.

Our Owner/Brokers and corporate clients tell us:

1. We want to increase the number of our Brokers and Associate Realtors.

2. We want to provide them with more help, benefits and a differential in the market arena.

3. We want to help our associates build their businesses

4. We want to provide products and materials that are of a high quality and that showcase our company brand as well as the professional services provided by the broker owner and associates.

5. We want to inform the end user about the service levels and help inform the end user how skilled and professional our associates are.

All of Arcadia Publications products are designed fulfill the above. Through the work that Arcadia undertake, we promote your Brand, the Broker/ Owner, the Associate and local support trades and businesses, together under one publication that benefit and complement all.

Third party sponsor and advertisers

Third party sponsor and advertisers are the reason that our realtor support materials can be provided, FREE OF CHARGE.

We have relationships with thousands of sponsors and advertisers who are keen to work with hotels, realtors and large state associations in their local areas. It's through these relationships that we generate the revenue required to deliver your bespoke publications.

Sponsors such as:
• Lawyers
• Insurance Brokers
• Interior Designers
• Kitchen Designers
• Furniture Removals
• Furniture Suppliers
• Construction & Renovation Contractors
• And many more…..

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Arcadia Manage All Aspects Of:

1. Creative design
2. Prospect contact
3. Advertising sales
4. Advertiser artwork
5. Full print of publication
6. Delivery of publication

You have full and complete control of all content and advertisers taking part in the publications and we require a sign off on the complete project before we can go to print.